Fasting Required: No
Specimen: Blood
Results: 2-3 Business Days
Description: Also known as Vitamin B9, this test aids in the diagnosis of central nervous system disorders and anemia. This important nutrient also plays a significant role in making red blood cells, making DNA, energy level, muscle strength and memory. Methodology Immunoassay (IA) Clinical Significance Folic acid deficiency is common in pregnant women, alcoholics, in patients whose diets do not include raw fruits and vegetables, and in people with structural damage to the small intestine. The most reliable and direct method of diagnosing folate deficiency is the determination of folate levels in both erythrocytes and serum. Low folic acid levels, however, can also be the result of a primary vitamin B12 deficiency that decreases the ability of cells to take up folic acid. Alternative Name(s) Folic Acid


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